Understanding and Managing the Customer Experience in Real-Time (9/16/2016)


Luncheon Program


Understanding and Managing the

Customer Experience in Real-Time”


Shane Wright

Chief Technical Officer, MARU Group



Friday, September 16, 2016

12 Noon - 2:00pm

at the

The Yale Club of New York


Digitally-enabled channels for interacting with brands have over the last 20 or so years moved from a novelty to commonplace to pervasiveness, and amongst the customer base from niche to default.


With this shift came new challenges and opportunities not just in how to interact with customers but also in how to gather metrics about their interactions, to track their behaviors over time, to ask them about their thoughts, feelings and intentions and to fuse these with loyalty and transaction data.


But the traditional offline world isn’t gone; indeed customers interact online and offline, and their experience is the sum of all interactions.  This presents further challenge in understanding the holistic, but of course technology enables instrumentation of the physical experience as well as the digital.


Our speaker, Shane Wright, has been innovating in online EFM/VOC (Voice of the Customer) for 16 years; using his unique skills and experience to architect solutions ahead of the curve that collect & integrate data and add value across the board.  He will talk through new interactions enabled by technology, describe how a rounded picture of customer behavior/intention can be measured and discuss how effective VOC programs act as a platform for deeper insights, better customer service and efficiently targeted marketing – both today and for the future.



Shane Wright is CTO of MARU Group, a global group with the mission of becoming the most highly regarded customer feedback company in the world through the fusion of excellent advisory and insight capability powered by a best-in-class technology platform.


He previously spent 16 years with eDigitalResearch, a UK-based online market research and EFM firm since 2000 and was instrumental in designing, implementing and managing HUB; its software platform that was the heart of eDR’s business and which now provides the core of the MARU end-to-end platform - since its acquisition by the group in February 2016.


Shane is a geek and engineer at heart with a Computer Science degree, but specializes and revels in the application of technology to solve business and consumer problems for regular people.


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Luncheon Details:

Meeting date: Friday, September 16, 2016


Time: 12noon – 2:00pm


Where: Yale Club of New York, E. 44th St. & Vanderbilt Ave., 18th Fl.


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2016-17 Season Fall Luncheon Dates

September 16                        October 21

November 18             December 16



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